Where is hail alley?

Come summer every year, a large swath of the country braces for hail. Known as Hail Alley, the region stretching from Wyoming to Texas receives more hailstorms, and more severe ones, compared to other parts of the country. Features on land and in the atmosphere make perfect hail conditions for this part of the U. …

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Does hail melt?

Ice and hail begin to melt rapidly once they fall into the low levels of the atmosphere where temperatures are above freezing. It is like putting a blow drier to the ice. Warm temperatures around the ice and the velocity of the ice through the warm air, melts and strips mass from the hailstone. Hail …

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What is hail hydra?

Hail Hydra is a phrase that symbolizes the loss of opponents, especially when its distinguished that their particular opposition is useless. “If they stop one head, two even more shall take its spot”. This is basically the essence for the stunning term, Hail Hydra. While I was writing we ran into the query “What does …

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