Why hailstorm happens?

When it hails, it is because raindrops have developed inside a cumulonimbus cloud. Inside the cloud — which are generally indicators that a storm is coming — water vapor comes in, transforming rain droplets into crystals of ice. These droplets get bigger as more freeze, and eventually they become so big, they have to fall. …

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How do hailstorms start?

Hailstorms are typically a byproduct of severe thunderstorms. Hailstones begin to form when raindrops are carried upward by a storm into extremely cold areas of the atmosphere and freeze, and continue to grow when they collide with water droplets that freeze onto the hailstone’s surface. This begs the inquiry “What happens during a hailstorm?” Some …

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How do hailstorms occur?

Hailstones are formed when rain droplets are carried upwards by a current of air, called an updraft, during thunderstorms. “Hail forms as robust thunderstorms grow taller and taller, lofting moisture up into the atmosphere where it freezes,” explains Jonathan Belles, digital meteorologist at Weather., and com. While reading we ran into the query “What happens …

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