Can clouds be created?

Clouds are created when water vapor, an invisible gas, turns into liquid water droplets. These water droplets form on tiny particles, like dust, that are floating in the air. A camera on NASA’s Terra satellite captured this image of clouds over the Southern Indian Ocean.

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How clouds are really made [pic]?

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They can often be found in the following forms: Actinoform, which resembles a leaf or a spoked wheel. Closed cell, which is cloudy in the center and clear on the edges, similar to a filled honeycomb. Open cell, which resembles an empty honeycomb, with clouds around the edges and clear, open space in the middle.

The clouds are formed when the water (in gas form) condenses around a hygroscopic nuclei (in simple term dust particles). That means cloud is made of Water droplets and ice and not of vapor (water in gaseous form).

Our answer is warm air rises and cools. The relative humidity of the air increases. Air eventually becomes saturated. Water vapor condenses on smoke, dust, salt, and other small particals. Millions of tiny water drops of liquid water collect to form a cloud.

Do clouds really float?

To be more precise, the water drops and ice crystals that make up a cloud do not actually float motionless in the sky. Rather, they are constantly falling very slowly under the influence of gravity and are occasionally lofted upwards by an updraft of wind.

You might be asking “Why do clouds have water in them?”

When the drops of liquid water or ice that make up a cloud increase in size through collisions and coalescence, they can get so big that the air resistance can no longer counter gravity (when r> 0.1 mm). Such droplets fall down as rain. Secondly, clouds are not fullof water.

Vapors exist below the boiling point of a liquid (otherwise, e. g, a glass of water would never evaporate unless it’s brought to a boil). However, clouds are not made of this gaseous water, but rather, the same water condensed into tiny liquid (or frozen) droplets.

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