Does cloud love tifa or aerith?

Cloud seemed to have liked Aerith more than Tifa. In Advent Children he grieves Aerith death instead of setting down with Tifa. Tifa can’t even win by default. Tifa was never viewed by Cloud to be.

Does cloud actually love Aerith or Tifa?

People also forget that originally the story was written about just Aerith and Cloud, and when Tifa was first created, she wasn’t even a love interest. They chose to make her one later, as a foil for Aerith. Which means, OG Cloud was meant to love them both romantically. He was meant to love them both, because it added tension to the story.

Then, should cloud be with Tifa or Aerith?

Whether you are Team Aerith or Team Tifa, something we should all agree on is that Cloud should not be with either. He is no longer the boy from Nibelheim who had a crush on Tifa Lockhart growing up, and to Aerith, he is little more than a reflection of the ghost of her first love.

Personality-wise, Aerith is better for Cloud. I’m pretty sure it’s Sephi. It’s clearly Tifa. Tifa and Cloud are an item. Aerith is someone that they both care a lot about. She is like a sister to both. And Aerith has her own boyfriends/girlfriends whatever.

He seemed to like her as a kid. He even promised to come rescue her after he became a SOLDIER which he ultimately did albeit as a normal recruit.

Here is what I learned. their chance to become a real couple starts after the events of Advent children Based on events witnessed in the original, in Advent children and this game that answer is no. Tifa most likely loves Cloud, but Cloud being Cloud never does anything about it.

Does cloud love aerith?

He truly loved Aerith. He then learned to love Tifa., and yeah, this. Beginning of the game Cloud is in love with Aerith. Fully character developped Cloud at the end of the game is in love with Tifa.

Is Aerith in love with cloud?

😉 The creator Nomura said that Aerith “confessed her romantic feelings to Cloud” and that their “promised date” in the city of “desire” ended “magically” (stated on the FFVII trading art cards ). Take that for what you will. The last fortune telling from Cait Sith No. 1.

, and here’s why. Numerous works of fan fiction and fan art for Final Fantasy VII Remake pair Cloud romantically with either Tifa Lockhart or Aerith Gainsborough. While they are treated by the game and fandom as potential love interests for Cloud, there are plenty of reasons why Cloud should not be with either of these leading ladies.

A frequent question we ran across in our research was “What is the difference between Aerith’s feelings for Zack and cloud?”.

We can figure it out! in my opinion, the best answer to this question is that Aerith had feelings for both men, the difference is that Zack was 5 years in her past and she had moved on. Comparing the two feelings is pretty hard, if not impossible. I felt like she* not he. And id say cloud.

So a big part of FFVII is Cloud’s relationship with TIfa and Aerith. Between the two of them who do you think is his true love? Both Honest here. He’s probably got more of a future with Tifa. He truly loved Aerith. He then learned to love Tifa. He was just keeping Aerith warm because he thought he was Zack.

How did cloud react to Tifa’s Smile?

“But right next to her, Cloud was watching the same scene and smiling serenely. That smile was nothing she’d ever seen during their travels. Cloud noticed Tifa was gazing at him.

Is there a love triangle between Tifa and Aeris?

Aeris was the original love interest, and Tifa was added later in development as both a foil to Aeris and a conduit to Cloud’s murky past. It is crazy to deny that the love triangle exists, even official materials constantly referred to it. There’s also a separate question of “who Cloud ends up with”, which is different than “who Cloud loves.”.