Why does cloud have zacks memories?

Cloud gains zacks memory exacly because of the JENOVA cells injected in him. Those cells can mimic stuff. Also cloud is zack’s living legacy and the trauma of the events leading up to ffvii Heavydoodie – 12 years ago – report 1 1 He didn’t gain Zack’s memory.

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He didn’t gain Zack’s memory. He’s pretending to be Zack in order to fufill Zack’s last wish of Cloud being his living legacy. That and the fact that everything that Cloud has been through caused him go a little crazy. Zigzag44 – 11 years ago 1 2.

What happened to cloud’s friend Zack?

After Zack breaks himself and Cloud out of the Shinra facility, Cloud witnesses Zack’s death at the hands of a platoon of Shinra soldiers. The Mako poisoning, Jenova’s influence, and the trauma result in Cloud taking on the persona of his friend Zack, and replacing many of his own memories with Zacks.

This of course begs the query “What is the difference between cloud and Zack Fair?”

Cloud discovers that he was never a member of SOLDIER and that his memories were messed up, to the point that he believed he was a person named Zack Fair. Cloud was just a Shinra grunt, while Zack was a 1st Class SOLDIER and was the hero that Cloud aspired to be.

Moreover, what happened to cloud’s mind?

Some sources claimed cloud mind, however, in its very vulnerable and messed up condition, merged his memories with some of Zack’s stories. Instead of the blue MP at Nibelheim, Cloud thought he was the SOLDIER. When Cloud falls into the Lifestream, Tifa helps him sort out his real memories from his merged/made-up ones, and he is mentally healed.

Why does cloud have visions ff7?

In the original game, Cloud has infrequent seizures and visions due to Sephiroth manipulating the Jenova cells in his body from afar, but never a premonition of the future.

Cloud suffers from constant headaches in Final Fantasy 7 Remake, and it’s tied to both his past and the future of the entire party. Final Fantasy 7 Remake may retell the Midgar section of the original game, but there’s quite a bit of new content packed in as well.

This begs the inquiry “Does cloud appear in Final Fantasy Tactics?”

Cloud’s Final Fantasy Tactics appearance is also notable, as he is the only guest character from a title not set in Ivalice to appear. Cloud also led two spinoffs based on Final Fantasy VII minigames— Snowboarding and G-Bike —as well as a technical demo based on Final Fantasy VII. Final Fantasy VII G-Bike.

What is cloud’s theme in Final Fantasy VII?

Though it is not his official theme, in Final Fantasy VII Cloud’s theme is often considered to be the ” Main Theme of Final Fantasy VII “. It plays on the world map in Final Fantasy VII before the party acquires the Highwind. His theme is called ” Cloud Smiles ” in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.

Can cloud see the Whispers in Final Fantasy 7 remake Part 2?

Considering Cloud can see the Whispers in the Remake, it’s also possible that their appearance is another factor causing visions. F inal Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2 should delve more into Cloud’s past, and what effect defeating the Whispers may have had. Final Fantasy 7 Remake is currently available on PS4. Hayes is a Staff Writer for Screen Rant.

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