Where do you find lightning bugs?

Lightning bug species can be found in every continent except Antarctica. They prefer woods, marshes, ponds or anywhere that has moist soil. Female lightning bugs need soil that is easy enough to dig through. This usually only happens during summer months. Depending on the species of lightning bug, larvae can take up to two years to mature into adults. Larvae feed on any underground insects smaller than themselves.

What are the bugs that look like lightning bugs?

Time of night they are active. Temperatures (flash patterns also vary by outside temperature)Length of flash. Number of flashes. Time between flashes. Flight pattern (sitting or flying, and the patterns in which they fly).

Let the grass grow. Create a water feature. Turn off porch lights. Plant native trees., and avoid pesticides. Start a wood pile or add an extra one.

These beetles spend most of their life at the larvae stage; – they can spend almost two years as larvae, then live as adults for about 2 to 4 weeks. It is estimated that a complete four-stage life cycle will take roughly 2 to 3 years, depending on the environment. The life cycle of lightning bugs starts with the formation of an egg.

What states have Fireflies?

Fireflies can be found in most any state although the firefly is more common in some other states. Fireflies can be found in Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas, Florida, California and also the following states which they are more easily found.

Ladybugs are generally found in agricultural fields, orchards and gardens where their favorite foods, aphids, insects and mealybugs can be found. In the Fall, ladybugs will gather in large numbers in places where they will spend the winter – usually under rocks, leaves, old fallen trees and any other location sheltered from the weather.