How do hurricanes destroy buildings?

When a hurricane makes landfall, the shear force of hurricane strength winds can destroy buildings, topple trees, bring down powerlines, and blow vehicles off roads. When flying debris, such as signs, roofing material, building siding, and small items left outside, is added to the mix, the potential for building damage is even greater.

During a hurricane, intense positive pressure is created on a structure as the wind impacts the building (windward face). As the wind flows over or around a structure it can cause “lift” on the roof or “suction” on the opposite side (leeward face). This “suction” is normally referred to as negative pressure.

How can we reduce hurricane wind and flood damage to buildings?

With proper design and construction, hurricane wind and flood damage to residential structures can be greatly reduced or eliminated. The scientific study of hurricane impacts on buildings and the environment has seen major advances over the years.

What makes a building hurricane resistant?

The uplift forces from hurricane winds can sometimes pull buildings completely out of the ground. In contrast to designing for gravity loads, the lighter the building the larger (or heavier) the foundation needs to be in hurricane resistant design. Ignoring this precept has led to some dramatic failure of long-span, steel-framed warehouses.

Framing and Foundation. Without a solid foundation and proper frame construction, many homes don’t stand a chance in hurricanes. A lot of emphasis gets put on a building’s exterior, and for good reason, but the foundation and framing also play a large role in whether structures survive a hurricane or not.

Is your home protected from hurricanes and intense heat?

But with paradise comes the risk of facing extreme weather conditions, leaving homes vulnerable to potentially devastating damage. The simple fact is that protecting your home and family from hurricanes and intense heat requires more than standard windows and doors. It’s only a matter of time before a hurricane or tropical storm visits your area.

Are your windows and doors hurricane resistant?

Our hurricane windows and doors are impact resistant. This means that our windows will withstand significant impact from debris, tree limbs picked up by winds, crowbar-brandishing burglars, and much more.

Are hurricane impact windows worth the cost?

Well, impact windows and doors are definitely worth the project cost. Being prepared for hurricanes is a lifestyle in South Florida. If you’re considering installing Florida impact windows and doors, get in touch with us today for a free estimate.

Another frequently asked inquiry is “Are Hurricane Windows worth it?”.

With the average cost of high quality hurricane windows being only about 20-30% more than a standard window in Florida they are a much more affordable option today than they were some years ago. If you were previously thinking about getting both standard windows and hurricane panels — know that hurricane windows will be less expensive and provide better overall protection.

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One more inquiry we ran across in our research was “How much does a hurricane proof window cost?”.

Hurricane impact-resistant windows typically cost $2,679 and $14,128, or $8,208 on average. Each window is about $90 to $400 and takes about two hours to install at $30 to $65 per hour. You’ll pay more if you have custom storm windows installed.

Why buy hurricane impact windows from Max guard?

At Max Guard, we make getting the best hurricane impact windows and doors on the market as affordable as possible. We offer flexible financing options and are proud to be an approved PACE lender, enabling us to provide low-cost, long-term funding for our energy-efficient products.

Why choose Max guard windows?

When it comes to hurricane impact resistance, no other product on the market compares to Max Guard Windows. When you partner with us, your replacement windows will exceed not only code requirements and industry standards, but also your expectations. Every detail of Max Guard Doors is designed to provide superior performance in South Florida homes.