Why are my hyper x clouds sounding quiet?

Hello everyone, so I got this Hyper. X Cloud II and among all the pros it does have (comfort, audio etc) I noticed the microphone is very quiet compared to the previous headsets I had.

I got the Hyper. X Cloud 2 Maybe play with the volume buttons on the sound card, or go to playback devices right click on the headset look if it is enabled, if it is enabled maybe disable and enable again. Just make sure the audio cable is in that sound card good 🙂 play around a little bit and test.

Why is the volume on my HyperX controller so low?

If it does, try the headset adapter again and adjust the volume scroll wheel on the side of the controller box to see if that makes a difference. For any further assistance, please call us at 1-800-435-0640 (USA and Canada only) M – F 6am – 6pm PT and an available technician will be ready to assist you. Thank you for using the Hyper, and x cloud!

First choose your Hyper. X Cloud 2 microphone from the bottom right menu (where it says “any device”) and then adjust the Pre Amplifying level from the top slider, that one going from -30 d. B to +30 d. B (obviously you low down the volume going left but you want to boost it going right ). Click “Done” in the bottom right and you are actually done.

What are the symptoms of a bad HyperX Cloud 2?

Constant static and weird pop sounds randomly. Okay so i just bought Hyper. X Cloud 2 headsets and the moment i plugged it into my computer i noticed the static. The static gets worse (louder) when any audio is being played.

You could be wondering “Does the HyperX cloud suck?”

Just like logan from Teksyndicate said about the cloud : ” The Hyper. X cloud sucks When you dont have a driver, the bass gets loose but when you drive it, the bass gets tight and sounds better Remember, The cloud needs 60 Ohms in order for it to work to its full potential. Just watch the vid till the end and you will get what i mean.

I recently got a new headset, the Hyper, and x cloud. They’re really comfortable and all, but I don’t find the sound to be too good. In CS: GO for example, it sounds way better when playing thru my 6 year old Logitech speakers. Are there some settings I’m missing here?

What is HyperX cloud Stinger?

, hyper X Cloud Stinger mic sending game and music audio.

Why is there no sound coming from my computer?

Some branded computers have their own or if you got an update for like a Realtek driver it may have included an audio manager. If you happen to have more than one installed, it would be best to remove all but one as they can cause issues with sound quality since they would all be trying to configure the same thing.