Why lightning cable stops working?

Exposure to water could also damage the Lightning connector of your accessory, so if you recently spilled a drink on your accessory, that could be why it’s not working. If your charging cable is the accessory that’s causing the problem, also take a close look at the USB end.

Why do iPhone Lightning cables stop working?

Lightning cables last a long time. I have 900,000 Apple end users and they do not have any problems with their Lightning cables. What we do is to remind our users to not be abusive to the cables and they last indefinitely. Pulling or yanking on the cable will make any cable fail, and more items.

Dry off any moisture immediately, and make sure nothing has gotten into your i, phone, i Pad, or i. Pod’s Lightning port that might mess up the connection. If you’ve followed these guidelines and your cable has failed, don’t hesitate to contact the cable’s manufacturer for a replacement.

Why do lightning cords keep failing?

They fail because people pull them out by the cord instead of the connector or bend the cables. The ends fall on the floor and get run over by chairs and vacuums.

How to fix Lightning cable?

Take the broken cable and look at its two ends, that is more bent or broken appear is that we must cut off; (the image cable is functioning normally, when I bought it, I put a shrink tube) Now that you found the broken end, cut the cable 2 cm connector distance ;.

One more question we ran across in our research was “Why is my Lightning port not working?”.

Some sources claimed removes oil, dirt, and corrosion. Spray onto a Q-Tip and then insert Q-Tip gently into lightning port or clean the cable plug first and then insert the cleaned plug into the socket and move it Clean all contacts, on cable and on i. DeviceAllow; they before using (at least 30 seconds).

This is always due to cable abuse. That’s right, it’s always a human who has abused the cable. Here is a nice image of what is inside a Lightning cable and an example of a higher quality cable. I will agree that Apple’s Lightning cables are fragile but even a high quality cable can become damaged if abused.

Why Fourth Pin On Lightning Cable Becomes Black Luckily another Reddit user who introduces himself as an electrical engineer explains the reason behind 4th pin turning black from gold. According to the user it is a common electrical phenomenon. He explains that the pin or the ‘terminal’ either has a positive or negative voltage connection.

Is Apple getting rid of the Lightning cable?

Apple may have to abandon Lightning connector cableApple accused of crackdown on jailbreaking. FBI ‘persuaded Apple to halt i, and cloud encryption’.

At first charging was intermittent, then within a week the cable wouldn’t charge my i. Phone at all. A closer look at the male end of the Apple Lightning to USB cable reveals that several of the gold contacts have become corroded. A check of Apple’s discussion forums reveals that other users have had issues with corroded lightning cables.

**Correction** — It is untrue that the cable will not charge on one of the sides. My lightning cable, with both front and back sides’ 4th golden pins having turned black, is still functional on BOTH sides!! Not sure why author made the erroneous statement as a matter of fact.

Why is my power cord plug burning up?

Rest assured if this thing is burning the cord plug, it is also burning the interior contact. It is an engineering flaw and needs to be fixed! Yup, poor design. Cable should have something like a pre charge resistor to prevent the spark that burns up the 4th pin. Yep, apple has too many guys working about the climate and painting their fingernails.

Why does my iPhone have a spark when plugged in?

When the connector is plugged into the i. Phone or i. Pad’s lighting port, there can be a small spark gap that happens when the cable is connected with the device. The likely cause for this is due to a capacitor charging and drawing more current for a fraction of the second.