Why do some lightning cables not work?

Much like how they can wear and tear when cables get old throughout time, the strain on the cable can cause it to break easily.

Why do my lightning cables fail?

They fail because people pull them out by the cord instead of the connector or bend the cables. The ends fall on the floor and get run over by chairs and vacuums.

There are a few reasons an i. Phone charger ( lightning cable) will stop working: 1. A cheap cable can only last so long. Even if its an Apple brand i, and phone charger., other i Phone charging brands like Anker last much longer! Stop using your devices when they are charging. Tension on a charger will cause it to break faster.

Another popular question is “Where do Lightning cables fail?”.

One thing I’ve noticed about Lightning cable failures (and reports of Lightning cable failures) is the consistent places where they’re happening: many occur at the junction point between the Lightning plug and the soft plastic cable, some impact the Lightning plug’s pins, and relatively few are at or near the USB port.

A question we ran across in our research was “How to fix Lightning cable?”.

Take the broken cable and look at its two ends, that is more bent or broken appear is that we must cut off; (the image cable is functioning normally, when I bought it, I put a shrink tube) Now that you found the broken end, cut the cable 2 cm connector distance ;.

Why do iPhone Lightning cables stop working?

Lightning cables last a long time. I have 900,000 Apple end users and they do not have any problems with their Lightning cables. What we do is to remind our users to not be abusive to the cables and they last indefinitely. Pulling or yanking on the cable will make any cable fail, and more items.

Is your Lightning cable corrosion causing your iPhone charging issues?

At first charging was intermittent, then within a week the cable wouldn’t charge my i. Phone at all. A closer look at the male end of the Apple Lightning to USB cable reveals that several of the gold contacts have become corroded. A check of Apple’s discussion forums reveals that other users have had issues with corroded lightning cables.

Is Apple getting rid of the Lightning cable?

Apple may have to abandon Lightning connector cableApple accused of crackdown on jailbreaking. FBI ‘persuaded Apple to halt i, and cloud encryption’.

Why is my Lightning port not working?

Removes oil, dirt, and corrosion. Spray onto a Q-Tip and then insert Q-Tip gently into lightning port or clean the cable plug first and then insert the cleaned plug into the socket and move it Clean all contacts, on cable and on i. DeviceAllow; they before using (at least 30 seconds).

You may be wondering “Why is it so hard to charge the Lightning port?”

Not surprisingly, this dust will interfere with the connections between the cable and the port, making it difficult to charge the device. The lightning port is easy to clean as long as you careful and use the correct supplies.

Why won’t my Lightning plug go all the way down?

The debris is building up at the base of the port and the problem comes when there’s enough that the cable is kept from going all the way. Even though there’s nothing on the tip of the Lightning plug, that part has to go all the way to the back of the port or the connectors won’t line up.