How thunder and lightning came to be?

This funny Choctaw tale tells of the time when the Great Sun Father wanted to find a way to warn his people of coming storms. He gave the job to Heloha and Melatha, who were not the smartest of birds. Their ideas led to one silly mishap after another–until they created thunder and lightning completely by accident.

Why is it that lightning always comes before Thunder?

Although thunder and lightning occur at the same time, the lightning is seen before the thunder is heard because light travels at a much faster speed than sound. Sound waves can also bounce off molecules in the air, causing it to travel in different directions.

You might be asking “Why does sometimes the Thunder comes before the Lightning?”

Thunder from nearby lightning sounds like an abrupt crack, while distant thunder rolls and rumbles as the sound waves are altered by topography. If you ever hear thunder before lightning, it was caused by another lightning discharge which happened a few seconds earlier.

Lightning comes before thunder in a way, the speed of light, the lightning comes before the speed of sound, the thunder. Once lightning occurs, the thunder will ALWAYS follow . There is a sound barrier that covers the earth. When the lightning breaks it, we see it faster than we hear the thunder.

Is Thunder and lightning the same thing?

No, they are not the same thing. Lightning causes thunder to happen, but that does not make them the same thing. Lightning is the sudden electrostatic discharge between clouds, between clouds and the ground, or between difference regions of the same cloud. Thunder is the resulting sound of the rapidly heated air caused by the lightning discharge.

Another thing we asked ourselves was, are thunder and lightning the same thing?

The most usefull answer is, actually, lightning and thunder are more than just related: They are the same thing. When static charge creates enough voltage in a thunderstorm, the result is a spark — a huge spark. Lightning is the visible flash of the spark, and thunder is the sound.

Is Thunder Better Than Lightning?

Thunder is sound energy produced by electric discharge during lightning. Both thunder and lightning take place at the same time, but as light has more speed, so, it appears first and than we hear the sound of thunder. Lightning is fast and very hot and is more destructive and dangerous than thunder.

While I was researching we ran into the question “Is Thunder Stronger Than Lightning?”.

Lightning is fast and very hot while thunder can usher in heavy rain and strong winds, but lightning is more dangerous and destructive than thunder. Lightning is formed when water and ice particles collide with warm, moist air and build up static energy while thunder is formed by the fast expansion of gases in the electrical charge of lightning.

Thunder Fun Facts. To judge how close lightning is, count the seconds between the flash and the thunderclap. Each second represents about 300m (984.25ft).. Thunder is not only heard during thunderstorms. It is uncommon, but not rare, to hear thunder when it is snowing. Lightning does not always create thunder.