Update on hurricane ida?

The remnants of Hurricane Ida walloped the Northeast late Wednesday and early Thursday, delivering record rainfall in parts of New York and triggering flash flooding across multiple states. At least 14 fatalities were reported in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, bringing the storm’s estimated death toll to 21.

Hurricane Ida struck southeast Louisiana as a powerful Category 4 storm on Sunday, Aug. 29, 2021 – the 16th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina ’s landfall in 2005. Ida brought destructive storm surge, high winds, and heavy rainfall to the region and left over 1 million customers without power, including the entire city of New Orleans.

Water enters a beach house as Hurricane Ida makes landfall in Grand Isle, Louisiana, August 29, 2021. Several beaches and piers along the Gulf were submerged by the time Ida arrived in full force. Video footage captured part of the roof atop the Lady of the Sea General Hospital in Galliano, La, blowing off amid the storm.

Forecasters expect Ida, like most storms this hurricane including New Jersey, remnants are possible once again with how Ida is currently tracking, private meteorologists and the National Weather Service said. Weather: Here’s how you can set up severe.

This of course begs the question “How does Hurricane Ida compare to Hurricane Katrina?”

Hurricane Ida rushed ashore on Aug. 28, battering Louisiana as it tore its way inward 16 years — to the day — that Hurricane Katrina wreaked soon as it is safe to do so.

What hurricanes hit New Orleans?

Flooding in Downtown New Orleans caused by Hurricane Katrina. Tropical Storm Isidore making its Louisiana landfall. Hurricane Katrina making landfall on Louisiana. Grand Isle inundated after the passage of Hurricane Isaac in August 2012.

New Orleans Hurricane Katrina makes landfall near New Orleans, Louisiana, as a Category 3 hurricane on August 29, 2005. What was the worst hurricane to hit Louisiana ? The most intense storm to affect the state in terms of barometric pressure is Hurricane Katrina of 2005, which also caused the most fatalities and damage with 1,833 total.

How many hurricanes have hit New Orleans?

New Orleans, LA is in a very high risk hurricane zone. 64 hurricanes have been recorded in the New Orleans, LA since 1930. The largest hurricane was Georges in 1998. The most recent New Orleans, LA hurricane was Isaac in 2012.

Why is a hurricane spiral shaped?

Better to ask why a hurricane is spiral shaped. As other have said this is an example of two completely different effects cause similar results. Hurricanes are caused they the coriolis effect, while spiral galaxy structure is caused by the propagation of star formation. Correlation does not mean a common causation.

What is the relationship between spiral galaxies and hurricanes?

Spiral galaxies, are determined by gravity ; hurricanes by Earth’s rotation and the Sun’s heat. Since hurricanes are low pressure wind systems, this is analogous to the role of gravity in spiral galaxies. Whereas low pressure pulls inwards, highs push outwards. In this, cosmic inflation is similar.

How do Hurricanes get their wind?

The ferocious spiral of their winds, which can rage beyond 240 kilometers per hour (150 mph), derives from a confluence of forces. Wind ​ is the movement of air from areas of higher to lower atmospheric pressure. A low-pressure cell is called a ​ cyclone ​, not to be confused with the regional term for hurricanes in the Indian Ocean.

I suppose the Coriolis is the answer for hurricanes because they always spin ccw in the northern hemisphere and cw in the southern. Hurricanes’ centers (“eyes”) are analogous to Black Holes at the centers of spiral galaxies. With both, the fastest rotation occurs at their centers.