What is the value of tides mm2?

I havent touched mm2 in ages but im assuming that gun is already duped. Im gonna say its about 120-150 right now and it will get less than 90 in a week or so. Rn in mm2 values it’s worth 275 and it has 8 demand and 7 rarity, but it will go down, i would say it will have around 150 value.

Chroma Heat is a chroma godly knife which is obtainable from the Rainbow Box through unboxing, or through trading.. How to get luger in mm2 How much is minty? The new Minty Legends Pack is now available in the Item Shop for $29.99 USD. Official description: “Keep it fresh and fierce with the Minty Legends Pack including three Outfits, three Back Blings, three Pickaxes, a Wrap, and 1,000 V.

How do you get chroma weapons in MM2? Chroma Weapons are color changing versions of several godlies. In Season 1, every crate was given an unboxable chroma version of the godly weapon contained inside, although, the chances of unboxing a chroma are extremely low.

How much is battleaxe worth mm2?

Estimated Value Battle Axe is a godly knife which was included in the Halloween 2 017 Item Pack, which was purchasable for 1, 2 99 Robux. What is the rarest gun in mm 2 ?

Sugar is a godly gun that was unboxable (by chance) from the 2015 Christmas gun box during Christmas Event 2015. It is now only obtainable through trading as the event has ended. Sugar gives 255 godly shards when salvaged. Sugar is one of the main weapons that was targeted for duping and was heavily duped. Sugar’s model originates from the Roblox gear Candy Cane Launcher, although the model is.

Another frequent inquiry is “How much is chroma deathshard worth mm2?”.

Free local pickup., and 61 sold.

This is what we found. well fang is about 400, luger is 7 and fang is 9. Luger has more demand so i say 450 – 500. Deathshard is half a fang which is 200. I can do 700 for both :, and p., and level 2. Ill pay 800r$ for both of them.