Why wildfires are a threat to global climate?

Wildfires are also expected to increase the risk for destructive mudslides, as landscapes laid bare by fire are drenched with winter rain .

The resulting smoke and haze can travel miles, creating public health crises as people breathe in unhealthy levels of pollutants.

Even the healthiest of forests contain dead trees and decaying plant matter. As strange and counter-intuitive as it may sound, some species of trees actually need forest fires to prosper.

Wildfire risk depends on a number of factors, including temperature, soil moisture, and the presence of trees, shrubs, and other potential fuel.

Although the exact quantities are difficult to calculate, scientists estimate that wildfires emitted about 8 billion tons of CO2 per year for the past 20 years. In 2017, total global CO2 emissions reached 32.5 billion tons, according to the International Energy Agency.

How do Wildfires affect the environment?

Water sources get contaminated: Active burning can cause ashes to get into the water supply. Changes in the long-term chemistry of the water. Cloudiness and increased presence of metals, dissolved organic carbon and sediment. Potential chemical runoff. Death and disease in local wildlife.

The extreme wildfires sweeping across parts of North America, Europe and Siberia this year are not only wreaking local damage and sending choking smoke downwind. They are also affecting the climate itself in important ways that will long outlast their flames.

The next thing we wanted the answer to was: what are the harmful effects of wildfires?

Some sources claimed the smoke and ash generated from wildfires pollute the atmosphere and cause health issues in people breathing in the polluted gas. Breathing problems, respiratory infections, headaches, dizziness, eye irritation, etc, are some of the common health issues experienced by people living in areas near the fire.

Seven of the most destructive wildfires in California’s history occurred in the past 13 months.

Another frequent question is “What are the effects of a wildfire?”.

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