When driving in fog at night you should use?

During dense fog, a very scary thing happens to people while they are driving. A few extra items to keep in mind are: don’t use high beams, don’t be in a hurry, follow the lines, dense fog is usually temporary, maximize your windshield wiper and defroster, be seen, increase your following distance, or if you need to stop.

When driving in fog you should use?

When driving in fog, you should use your low-beam head lights . This is the best way to enhance visibility on the road and make your vehicle easier for other drivers to spot. Always avoid high beams in fog.

The Highway Code says you must use headlights when you can’t see for more than 100m in front of you. You can also use front or rear fog lights but this is optional. You must turn fog lights off when visibility improves so you don’t dazzle other drivers.

Yet another question we ran across in our research was “When driving in fog you can see better by?”.

One way to consider this is fog lights are bright and are pointed downward, so they help you see lines on the road and get better overall visibility when driving in the fog. If you don’t have fog lights, stick with your normal headlights. Note, however, that your high beam headlights should never be used.

When driving in fog should I use my high beams?

No, no you should NOT use high beams in fog. The light reflected back off the fog itself will simply make it more difficult to see ahead. Low beams, and fog lights if you have them, work best. Fog lights as opposed to driving lights are designed to illuminate the road surface rather than throwing light out over an area.