How fog happen?

Fog commonly occurs when air rapidly cools, causing condensation to form. Fog is a meteorological phenomenon caused by a supersaturation of the air, so that it can no longer hold water vapor. The water vapor precipitates out into small droplets of condensation, or fog.

You may be wondering “What exactly is fog?”

Fog is like a low-level cloud that originates from a local body of water – such as a lake, marsh or the sea. It differs from regular clouds because it contains water droplets from a number of different sources. When water vapour in the air condenses into tiny droplets of liquid water, they stay suspended in the air and fog is formed.

What conditions produce fog?

FOG IS SIMPLY A CLOUD at ground level, so the same conditions that create a cloud also produce fog. Specifically, fog is produced by cooling of the air, by increasing the humidity of the air, or some combination, with the end result that water vapor content in the air reaches saturation. Fog forms in several distinct settings, each of which causes air at or near ground level to become saturated.

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One more query we ran across in our research was “What does effect does fog have on people?”.

Typical fog complaints that people describe are memory loss, trouble finding words, problems with attention, and being overwhelmed by simple tasks.

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The three common tests include: Freezer fog tests; the anti-fog films is subjected to a 10ºF for about 20 Minutes. Refrigerator tests; the film is subjected to 40ºF for about 20 Minutes. Hot water tests; anti-fog film is subjected to 75ºF.

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The Highway Code says you must use headlights when you can’t see for more than 100m in front of you. You can also use front or rear fog lights but this is optional. You must turn fog lights off when visibility improves so you don’t dazzle other drivers.

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