Where lightning comes from?

The most lightning-struck location in the world Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela is the place on Earth that receives the most lightning strikes. Massive thunderstorms occur on 140-160 nights per year with an average of 28 lightning strikes per minute lasting up to 10 hours at a time.

How is lightning formed?

Lightning is a form of electricity . How does this “electricity” form? Image above: Ice crystals and water droplets bump together and move apart to cause electricity. Credit: NASA You need cold air and warm air. When they meet, the warm air goes up.

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Where does lightning and thunder come from?

Thunder is caused by lightning. When a lightning bolt travels from the cloud to the ground it actually opens up a little hole in the air, called a channel.

This lift can come from weather fronts, sea breezes or mountains. You can even get lift from the cool outflow of a thunderstorm, known as a gust front. This in turn causes the development of a new thunderstorm. Because moisture and warmth are crucial to thunderstorms, they occur more often in the spring and summer, particularly in humid areas.

What are thunderstorms and lightning?

Thunderstorms and lightning. By definition, a thunderstorm is a storm with lightning and thunder, associated with a cumulonimbus cloud, which usually also produces gusty winds, heavy rain and sometimes hail.

You could be wondering “Why do Thunder and lightning make a sound?”

The heated air expands explosively, creating a shockwave as the surrounding air is rapidly compressed. The air then contracts rapidly as it cools. This creates an initial CRACK sound, followed by rumbles as the column of air continues to vibrate. If we are watching the sky, we see the lightning before we hear the thunder.

How dangerous is lightning?

Lightning is a major cause of storm related deaths in the U. S. A lightning strike can result in a cardiac arrest (heart stopping) at the time of the injury, although some victims may appear to have a delayed death a few days later if they are resuscitated but have suffered irreversible brain damage. According to the NWS Storm Data, over the.