How do you make a fog in little alchemy?

Walkthrough for fog in Little Alchemy

fire + water = steam
air + steam = cloud
cloud + earth = fog.

One of the next things we asked ourselves was how do you make clouds in Little alchemy?

Fire + water = steam. Air + steam = cloud. Do you make a cloud in little alchemy? So, sky and water will make cloud. Atmosphere also represents the sky and the water vapors in atmosphere turn to become the cloud. It is similar to above hint 1.

Another frequently asked query is “How do you make small things on Little alchemy?”.

1 earth + fire = lava. 2 water + water = puddle. 3 earth + water = mud. 4 fire + fire = energy. 5 air + lava = stone. 6 puddle + water = pond. 7 fire + stone = metal. 8 stone + stone = wall.

Beach + light; house + light; light + ocean; light + sea; What can you make with lighthouse in Little Alchemy? Combinations with any other elements are not known. Walkthrough for lighthouse in Little Alchemy. Water + water = sea; air + fire = energy; earth + fire = lava; air + lava = stone; fire + stone.

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How do you make smoke signals in Little alchemy?

Water + water = puddle. Earth + fire = lava. Air + fire = smoke. Earth + earth = land.

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