Can thunder sound like an explosion?

“Boom” thunder sounds more like an explosion. “Crack” thunder sounds like “typical” thunder – imagine a bolt of lightning from the hand of Zeus. And “rolling” thunder just has the rumbling tail without a definitive initial crack.

The sound originates at the lightning. The superheated air rapidly expands and then collapses back into itself, that rapid expansion and collapse is the source of the sound.

Why does Lightning sound like an explosion when it hits?

If you have had a lightning bolt crash down really close to you, the thunder doesn’t rumble as much and sounds more like an explosion. That’s because the compression waves didn’t have a chance to bounce off many things before you heard it. Whereas if you were further away, you would of heard the rumbling.

A vertical lightning strike from cloud to earth arrives at the ear as a bang. A cloud to cloud strike can sound like rolling thunder because the bang you hear comes along the length of the bolt.

Does thunder make noise?

The sound the lightning itself makes is called thunder. Well in a vacuum, there is no sound, but normally lightning happens in the atmosphere and it does make a sound, it’s called thunder!.

The order is: rub your hands together. Snap your fingers. Clap your hands together in an irregular cadence. Slap your hands on your legs (at this time a student flicks a light switch on and off to represent lightning, while another beats a drum to symbolize thunder) stomp your feet.

Why does Thunder make a loud rumbling sound when it hits?

These two things will cause some compressions waves to arrive at the same time which is why the thunder might get loud, then soften a bit, then get loud again (the rumbling we hear). If you have had a lightning bolt crash down really close to you, the thunder doesn’t rumble as much and sounds more like an explosion.

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When a jet breaks the sound barrier, most sonic booms can be heard as a short but loud clap of thunder. The intensity of a sonic boom does not change with higher or lower acceleration, rather, it is affected by the size of the airplane, i. E, a larger aircraft will displace a larger amount of air, resulting in a larger boom. Despite being a.

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Shock waves are what makes your house shudder when there is thunder. This heat causes air to expand so rapidly that it generates a shock wave. When shock waves hit your house your house may shudder. Those shock waves are also the loud bangs and rumbles that we hear as thunder.

Why do earthquakes sound like an explosion?

When an earthquake occurs it releases energy in two main ways: shaking and noise. The shallower the epicenter the more energy that can reach the surface. It’s harder for the energy to move through the Earth’s crust as shaking than it is to move through the air as noise .

How does a lightning bolt create thunder?

It suddenly heats the air to as much as 18,000 degrees and that air next to the bolt explodes out (and eventually cools and races back in to some degree) This exploding (expanding) and contracting air creates the sound we know as thunder.

Why do we see lightning before we hear thunder?

But you see lightning before you hear thunder because light, which travels a million times faster than sound, arrives almost instantly. Sound, on the other hand, takes about five seconds to travel one mile.